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Too much excitement is dangerous, She shared a plate of food but people embarrassed, take a look why

They always tells us that too much excitement is dangerous, a young beautiful lady shared a plate of food but look what people spotted and it is embarrassing.

It has now became a tendency or rather a norm that people more especially new generation will share their meals everytime on social media for likes and comments.

As normal as it is, old generation don't really understand it mostly because safety reasons and morals which comes with it and other cultural reasons. They will always tells us never to brag about food because there is someone somewhere who is not eating because of poverty.

A young lady on Twitter shared a plate of food which was extremely full but on the other side of the plate of food there was a picture of a stomach of herself.

The post was captured that, "The STOMACH VS The FOOD 🤭 I can proudly say “I’m God’s Favourite".

Although there was a plate full of meat and also stomach which obvious she was bragging about it that it remains flat no matter how she eat.,m unfortunately people didn't celebrate her but spotted dirty around the plate and on stove and criticized her whichh obviously left her embarrassed.

Some of comments and criticisms said, "The stove looks like it hasn't been cleaned for days and that what got people's attention, not what she wanted". Her reason behind the post was to show people that she eat too much food but her stomach remains flat, unfortunately that didn't materialized.

The phrase cleanliness is next to godliness means that it's important to keep yourself, as well as your personal space, clean; that doing so is almost as important as being “good.” It's often used to admonish, or give friendly encouragement, to someone to clean or tidy up.


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