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"All of a sudden I don’t know where the indicators are."lady gets people talking after saying this.

A lady left a lot of people speechless after showing off her newly bought car. She shared pictures of herself along a white BMW with the caption "All of a sudden I don’t know where the indicators are 💀." See her post down below.

This is a beautiful achievement to accomplish, not many young people are able to achieve such at such a young age but she did. After sharing her post people got talking while most people filled the comment section under her post with congratulations and others were welcoming her to the BMW family others had other things to say. See some of people's comments down below.

A congratulations to the young lady for her achievement. It is important to celebrate good things and not judge how people are able to achieve certain things, she might work hard, come from a rich family or her man bought it for her you can never know.

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