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Security guard caught smoking marijuana on duty, man laughed at the manager (Watch Video)


Work environments give people rules to abide whenever they are at work. Although this is the case some workers tend to cross the line. A security officer got caught smoking marijuana inside the toilets while management was waiting on him to guard the gate.

His manager realized that man does not come back from the toilets. The minute he approached he found him at the toilets smoking a joint alone. When asked why he does such ok duty, man laughed at his manager loudly. He was taken a video failing to stop from laughing at his manager. Instead of apologising to the management man tried to pass the joint as though he did nothing wrong.

His video made rounds on social media, people couldn't understand why some people are playing with opportunities. It is alleged that the guard just found himself a job not so long ago. Before getting his first pay man already caught smoking on duty.

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