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Operation Good Hope led to the shut down of a restaurant in KZN because of these violations

Restaurants , hotels ,or any other food industry need to ensure that all protocols are followed to ensure that safety is guaranteed. A violation of any protocol by these establishments can put lives of people in danger , just like what was the case with a restaurant in Isipingo , Durban. It violated a number of by-laws leading to its shutdown .

In the report that was issued , it was claimed that the Operation Good Hope team led to the shut down of the restaurant after it was discovered that it was operating without a proper business licence , not complying with the municipal by-laws , and selling expired food . The EThekwini municipality made the confirmation of the development.

It was also claimed that the restaurant did not comply with the municipal health by-laws which for example saw them use a drill to mix the dough.A call was made by the municipality for all businesses to adhere to the by-laws in order to ensure safety as well as the well-being of the customers . Although the informal sector is important in job creation, the municipality encouraged the business entities to be guided by the by-laws .

Having noted that the restaurant sold expired food to the customers, a call was made for the community members to take note of everything they consume . This is a lesson that a community members shouldn't be complacent regarding checking if what he/she consumes will be up to standard.

Having noted what has been happening behind the closed doors of the restaurant , it can be concluded that there is a need for health inspectors to go out there and ensure that there is total compliance . Restaurants need to be inspected to ensure that they are not a source of harm to community members.

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