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Man who allegedly buried his wife under a bathtub to languish in prison

Remember the man who once hit the news headlines after he allegedly buried his wife's body under the bath tub in their home 

Yibanathi McGyver Ndema allegedly killed and cemented his wifes body Noluvuyo Nonkwelo-Ndema.

After Noluvuyo Nonkwelondema ’ s death in 2019, her husband, Yibanathi Mcgyver Ndema, reported her missing.

But nearly two years later, earlier in 2021, her body was exhumed from under the bath in their home in Vulindlela village, Zingqayi, and he was arrested on August 30 and charged with murder and defeating the ends of justice.

In a hard-hitting 21-page ruling, Butterworth magistrate Lundi Qangule said Ndema had failed to show any exceptional circumstances to justify his release on bail.

The magistrate said Ndema “himself described that his marriage was subject to mistrust, domestic violence and assault.

“The appellant’s [Ndema’s] version may or may not be accepted in the trial court, but at this stage it is clear that the state has a strong prima facie case that he has to answer.”

Qangule said the evidence presented in court “depicts the accused person as someone who could easily conceal or destroy any evidence”.

The murder of women and children, family members and partners had created shock and outrage in the country, he said.

“The petition and attendance of the community members in this bail application shows that there will be community outrage if the accused is released.

“The killing of Noluvuyo Nonkwelo-ndema was something heinous, atrocious, horrendous, barbaric and vicious, to say the least.

“The state managed to establish the grounds for the refusal of bail.

“The accused person has a mountain to climb at the trial court to explain his alibi as the state alleges he was the last person who was with the deceased.”

Prosecutor Andile Tembani told the court that the directorate of public prosecutions had asked for the case to be sent to the high court for trial.

NPA regional spokesperson Luxolo Tyali said they welcomed the ruling.

“The magistrate has stated clearly that we have a very strong case against the accused,” Tyali said.

Nonkwelo-ndema’s father, Mpendulo Nonkwelo, 61, who spent two years searching for his daughter, expressed his happiness that the bail application had been denied.


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