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Harare Man Butchered Over Slay Queen

A lot of people are used to see women fighting over man, but men fighting over women is very rare. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, it happens, but it is very rare, because after all there is no sense in fighting over a woman or fighting over a man.

If it is women that are fighting over a man, they should just let a man choose, which woman is he going with. Even men fighting over women, they would just let a woman choose, which one is she going with. So there is no need for all that brutality over one another, end up killing each other over a man, over a woman, that is just a demonic spirit that has gone out of control, but it is not worth it to die over a man or a woman. A Correspondent- Pictures of a battered Harare man have gone viral on social media.

The man only identified as Lord Guzh is said to have been attacked by thugs over Slay Queen.

Social media posts say the thugs used clenched fists and unidentified metal objects to attack Guzh

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