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'This Is What A Community Woke Up To, Zimbabwean Nationals Terrorizing The Community

The community members had obviously grown suspicious of an individual who had been terrorizing them by stealing the electricity cables that run through the community, and supply the homes that are found there with electricity.

So they made efforts in order to apprehend this individual so that they can prevent any further criminality on their infrastructure and it seems like they did manage just to do that, because they ended up in a situation where their efforts came to fruition when they apprehended the suspect.

Community Patroller was apprehended by a person from Zimbabwe for theft of cables along M2 Highway near George Gogh hostel, Johannesburg.

The individuals are obviously well known in the community and they also have several cameras stationed, which they monitor and are able to see if they can identify individuals who were acting suspicious on the road. They discovered that these individuals had been just what they were looking for, so they took their vehicles and drove to the scene.

It was not a good situation because the individuals had been involved in some criminal activities in the area, this is something that has destabilized the electricity supply, and created a situation that is very much unfavourable for the community members so this is something that they do not want to engage in.

The suspect and his accomplices dug out copper cables these are the cables that were used by the community members to receive electricity from Eskom, and you can bet that they immediately noticed as soon as the cables were stolen from them because they were aware of the cut off.

The community members had expressed their frustration with the power utility and the fact that they are unable to protect them from such criminals it is even through these organizations that the community is able to protect itself, but these are not enough resources they clearly need security force as well as the backing of the police.

The community which has been patrolling the area pounced and only arrested one suspect, while other suspects escaped the scene.

Content created and supplied by: Black_Kermit (via Opera News )

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