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Be aware of card scammers this festive season, as one caught in hammanskraal

Card scammers caught in hammanskraal

3 old males were caught and assaulted by members of the community in Hammanskraal after scamming an unsuspected victim at an ATM.

This are the most difficult times were people get robbed money in towns, mostly November and December. It is very known that people are loaded with money when they go to town and some saved up for December from January to December.

Mob justice are the heroes of the day yesterday a woman nearly lost her savings that was meant to buy her children cloths and food for December to have a wonderful Christmas.

The happiness was nearly taken away from this victim by 3 heartless card scammers.

People should be vigilant at towns to avoid getting scammed and asking for help from strangers isn't a very good idea.

The scammers are even old, it's weird how this live after scamming innocent people and taking away they savings.

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