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Lehasa attacked by Sfiso after calling his family blood suckers


On Skeem Saam today Lehasa denied that he is the father to the child claiming that the child could be katlego's baby. His disrespect caused the family to walk away disappointed after hearing that the man who impregnated their child is calling them blood suckers telling them that they only need his money.

During their meeting Sfiso showed up and gave Lehasa a beating after calling him poor in front of his niece. Lehasa told Sfiso that he does not have nothing that is why he goes our wearing his restaurant shirt to attend family meetings. After calling him poor Sfiso punched him heavily in front of his uncle his disrespect for Sfiso caused him to be attacked without a warning.

Sfiso was later stopped from attacking him more, this time was left talking and calling the family poor without approaching Sfiso. After they left his uncle laughed at him a=telling him how could he be proud for dating someone who he does not know were she lives.

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