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Bad news from Eskom for South Africans


Eskom's announcement is not good for South Africans

The load shedding problem is a pain for South Africans. Sadly, it frequently happens that the substations and transformers collapse or catch fire when the electricity is restored after load decreases. People will be without electricity for a longer period of time as Eskom replaces or repairs those substations and transformers, a procedure that takes time. According to Eskom, it has replaced 1,326 transformers and around 116 damaged substations. Furthermore, there are occasionally not enough spare parts to repair these transformers and substations.

Eskom reported an exponential increase in the quantity of failed electrical equipment as a result of network overloading, leading to issues with limited stock levels of mini-substations and transformers.

Eskom has some extremely terrible news: spare parts are running low.

Even still, the Western Cape, which is headed by the DA, is managing the load shedding problem better than the rest of the nation.

1923 saw the founding of Eskom. It was formerly known as the Electricity Supply Commission, but in 1987 the name was changed to Eskom.

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