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Divorce Affair

Woman Faints after Spotting Her Hubby with Another Woman, 5 Years Since He Abandoned Her

A woman was taken aback when she encountered her husband with another woman in Nairobi's central business district, five years after he disappeared while they were expecting their fifth child. The woman passed out after spotting her husband, who had been missing for five years.

His phone has now been switched off, and after years of fruitless searching, his family thought he had died. Kamau was a well-known entrepreneur in the automotive spare parts industry. His wife Njoki, who had traveled to the city for personal reasons, observed the two along Moi Avenue and decided to ensure that it was indeed Kama. Indeed, he was.

The scenario unfolded after Njoki passed out after seeing him; she then came to her senses and narrated everything to a crowd assembled to see the unusual episode.

"I cannot believe my eyes after seeing him; imagine he vanished without a trace five years ago. We've looked for him everywhere, including the mortuary, and have given up! We resigned ourselves to the fact that he was dead, but see how he has been enjoying life in this place with this woman," she raged.

Sina Uwezo, Sina Nguvu

" However, credible sources verified that Kama had been rejected a divorce by his wife following his request. He felt compelled to feign death in order to continue his relationship with his new lover. It was eventually determined that Njoki's instincts maintained the belief that her spouse was still alive. She chose to contact indigenous physician Wema Kamaliza after reading about him on a viral news website.

True to her feelings, the herbalist inferred that Kama was alive and enjoying life with another woman after consulting her spirits. The herbalist assured Njoki that she would expel him. That is how the unpleasant scenario unfolded just a few days after she visited Kamaliza.

"The herbalist informed me that Kama was still alive and enjoying life with another woman; he merely ran away from us, but she has assured me that she will flush him out," Njoki was quoted as telling a close friend prior to the incident.

He returned to his house in Nyandarua two days later and pleaded for forgiveness and reconciliation with his family. Since then, Kamaliza has placed him in a bottle of love charms and guaranteed Njoki that he will never cheat again.

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