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Theft robbery

Suspects Were Apprehended After Doing This

At 03:30 in the morning Zone Control Centre saw these two suspects on the street cameras in Heathfield, the security officers were alarmed about this kind of behaviour being perpetrated and they make sure in order to respond to it with the violence that it required.

They were in possession of a device that is used to test electric fence systems and can provide valuable information to the criminal, they were fiddling on the fence of a home in the street when the security guards spotted them and alerted reinforcements in order to check the suspicious activity which was happening in the area.

Zone Response Units got there speedily and detained the suspects, SAPS was called out and the suspects handed over Of course with the South African police service is making it fashionably late to the crime scene. However, they were released, due to the fact that they had not damaged the fence or gained entry.

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