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Road Accident

If You See This Car Call The Police Immediately || This Is What Happened

Date : 11 October 2021

Today let's talk more about the picture that has been doing rounds on social media of a polo vw car.Everyday accidents get to be reported in our lives. Many families have been left in reeling as they mourn the deaths of their loved ones who succumbed to car accidents. Almost everyday people are losing their lives to a accidents. This past weekend more than 10 people were reported dead following car accidents that happened in different provinces.

It's still a problem to many people because sometimes drivers cause accidents because of the way they drive. Some drivers hardly follow road rules, instead they always do the opposite of what is said. Following road regulations as a driver can help to save more lives. Twitter user by the handle " nerfititi" has made an appeal to the country to assist her in finding the car that was involved in a hit and accident.She has urged people to call the police if ever they see the car because the driver hit two people and ran away.

It's a shame when people get involved in accidents and immediately run away from the scene. Many families fail to get closure because they never find people who were behind accidents that killed or injured their family members. It was revealed by psychologists that sometimes drivers run away from the scene because of being in shock.

Apparently when you are involved in a motor accident your mental state is also in trouble. However there are those who run away probably because they knew they were wrong and in fear that they might be arrested. It gets better when a driver takes full responsibility for their actions instead of running away. Some people get to run away and never avail themselves to the police. Such should be avoided because people tend to be left depressed. We are making an appeal to drivers to avoid running away from accident scene.

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