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'This is done by people who grew up without money." People react after seeing this picture

It is true what they say that background influences behavior. If you grew up in a bad background and did not get much exposure, you will find that you may be fascinated by some simple things because you did not grow up watching them.

 But growing up with money results in a lot of exposure, therefore you know many things because you would have grown up surrounded by them. Many pictures have made the rounds on social media, where people looked forward to showing money off in an inappropriate way. there were pictures of money being put between slices of bread to make it look like it was being eaten with the bread.

 As much as some people found this humorous, many people felt it was unhygienic and so disgusting. Money passes through the hand of so many people and that is why they carry a lot of dirt. On top of that, some people may even put their money in inappropriate places like the pants where they can come in contact with the skin and therefore carry a lot of diseases.

 Some people thought it was an act of people growing up in poverty. From the picture it is clear to see that it is probably not a lot of money, probably just a few thousand, but it may look a lot like someone who is not used to having money, therefore they would like to show it to the people.

 There are many ways to show that you have money without risking your health by practicing these unhygienic methods. Usually, the background of people who turn out to be too much like these usually shows that they do not even have a lot of money, but they do want people to think they do.

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