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RIP, these are the young men that died trying to contain the tragedy caused by rain at the wedding

Remember the situation that has happened in Limpopo over the couple of days or over the past weekend that, there was a wedding in one of the towns surrounding Polokwane. On this wedding, the report says it was raining and the rain came over the tent, as we all know that when the rain comes over the tent and it becomes heavy over it. It makes the tend to have water on top of it, which can make the tent to fall at any time, but then it is also reported that this tent was balanced by a certain wall.

We know that it was raining, a sort of cyclonic rainfall. It means that this wall became wet, and as the water on top of it it gather more, it became more heavy for a wall that was already ready to fall. So the wall fell over these young people, and they died as they were just trying to contain the situation, trying to take out water from on top of the tent.

This was a very traumatic experience indeed, and this couple will live to remember these traumatic day. Their wedding celebration was a turned into a tragedy. Their wedding celebration that was turned into a funeral service. This is not something that they can forget easily.

You may realise that these young people, they were friends of the bride and the groom, not just mere friends, but very close friends, and this cannot just be erased out of their memory easily. I think this couple will need a very strong cancelling after this what has happened on their wedding day.

The day which they wanted the pastor to bless their Union, the day where they want everybody to celebrate and be happy for them. It is the day where other people are losing their lives, the day where they have an appointment with them the big Event where they will enter into an everlasting covenant that was blessed by God, it is the day when someone has an appointment with the death.

I think this can't be easy for them we will just continue to put them in our prayers, and we hope that they will heal from this trauma and their marriages may survive this day because I know that one way or the other, it will always be playing it sometimes through their marriage. They will even, they will be talking about this day's trauma, instead of remembering the good memories of the big day, unfortunately these tragic happenings will also come into play

Young people are said to be ones who lost their lives at the wedding ceremony 

These Young people, Tisetso Macheka, Lesego Ribisi, Phineas Kganyago and Samson Sambo have been identified to be people who lost their lives when a wall collapsed at a wedding ceremony in Ga-Chuene outside Lebowakgomo.

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