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Moshe Ndiki Thanks The Woman Who Is Bewitching Him For Doing This

Ever had one of those dreams where you were being fed food? In most black communities it is described as witchcraft, and it is apparently happening for real if you are to dream of that. It is associated with bad things because you are not supposed to dream of eating anything. 

Some say it symbolizes being poisoned. However there are people who believe the witchcraft thing is a myth, and that dreaming of food doesn't mean there is anything wrong.

Moshe Ndiki, who is a well-known South African Media personality took to Twitter and Instagram to thank the person who is bewitching him because she fed him all his favorite dishes/ meats. He says he ate all of them and would like to thank her for bewitching him so well. Moshe seems to have really enjoyed himself in that dream, which is why he was even able to share the experience with his followers.

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