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A lady went to the police station to report a crime but look what a police officer did to her

The police officer is now well-known in the area. This comes after a video of this police officer punching a woman went viral. This woman just went to the police station to report a crime, but now she has to pay for what someone else did.

Since South Africa has the most documented cases of violence against women, many people want this police officer to be punished harshly to show that no one has the right to hurt a woman physically. In this video, a police officer can be seen slapping a woman before running toward the person with the camera. The woman in question went to the South African Police Service station in Tembisa South to report a crime.

Just look at what the police officer did: "Yusuf Abramjee told them about it.

A lot of people have shared their thoughts on this topic in the comments. One person on Twitter wrote, "Brutal police, what's wrong with our security forces?"

After seeing the video, many people couldn't say anything. Some people on Twitter thought that the police officer had dated the woman in question. "I think maybe she is an ex or girlfriend, police officers have anger issues," said one tweet.

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