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A 21-year-old lady from KZN A 21-year-old lady from KZN allegedly impregnated by her 52-year-old biological father

A 21-year-old from KwaZulu-Natal was allegedly impregnated by her biological father who is 52. According to Blessing Ramoba, this man started sleeping with his daughter at the age of 12 years, "KwaZulu-Natal: A 52-year-old man was discovered to have allegedly been sleeping with his biological daughter for years" Blessings went to reveal the shocking news. "The man allegedly started sleeping with the daughter at the age of 12; after she visited him in the to get money to buy groceries" Reported Blessings, Ramona.

Blessings went on and got into some sensitive detail that this girl is now pregnant "it's beloved that the girl, now ages 21, is pregnant and claims that the father is a local man, however, she refuses to end the relationship with he biological father" Concluded Blessings.

People in the comment section were just in shock and out of words "it's too much..someone gets me a visa" said a Facebook user. "The world we know; it is about to come to an end," said another Facebook user.

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