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OPINION: We Thank All Zimbabweans for What They Did to the Old Man, May the Lord Bless you

These are the smelly consequences of Gideon Gono theatrics of Gonomics and Casino economy nonsense, Bob Nyabinde is not the only one to be a charity case as we all face these situations in our families and society. Honest, talented and hardworking people with zero savings, no medical aid, no pension, no retirement benefits etc.This Gono guy was playing casino with the people's money inventing useless words like Quasi fiscal, Agro bills, bacossi and some other high sounding nonsense like " failure is not an option"

You see our elders who worked have to take a begging bowl because Gono just was playing with money, a whole country with no worker or talent with savings, Robert Mugabe also did us a very expensive experiment. Imagine appointing a person who did only Economics 101 at CIS and never been to any economics school to run a central bank

This new dispensation minister also no tangible policy to ensure pension, medical aid, retirement for artists and sports people. Anyway township hero Bob Nyabinde wish you the best and will certainly support this initiative

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