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Namhla Mtwa's Boyfriend Says He's Innocent, He's Not An Abuser Or Killer.

I believe government needs to pay more attention to the gender based violence going on in the country, I see the high volume of people who lost their lives due to domestic violence. Children and woman's are not safe at all in this earth.

The recent touching story is of Namhla Mtwa, who sadly lost her life due to violence. It was allerged that's her boyfriend abused her for a long time and she was not reporting the matter to the police. The story of Namhla touched many hearts and broke many people.

Namhl was shot 9 times in her chest for wanting to leave the relationship.

Mzansi took it to social media and raised their anger after the story of Namhla went viral. The recent update from news24, they have reported that's the boyfriend of Namhla says he's innocent, he don't understand why everyone is pointing fingers on him because he never done anything to Namhla. His statement has angered people even more.

Rest in peace to Namhla, we ask everyone who is going through abuse to Report it to the police.

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