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Two Grannies Caught Trapped At 3am In Limpopo

It is still believed that certain hours are not for people to be visiting others in most cultures. There has been two Grannies who were caught in a village around the Madombidzha area in Venda . These two grannies were caught in the early hours of the morning, at exactly 3am.

It is said that they had said they used a 3am bus to visit the area. However, to everyone's surprise, there is no bus during those hours. The grannies were known in the area, as one of them resides in the area. It is still unclear how the two grannies got to the place at 3am. It is also not known what their mission is.

These two grannies are also suspected to have had intentions of practicing witchcraft in the area. It is still unclear who they were there to practice the witchcraft on. It is said that as people were still interrogating them, one of the son's showed up and protected the two. It is also said that, one of the two grannies is a traditional doctor. The two were caught with soap, traditional herbs, sticks, and mirrors.


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