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Bad news|The cause of the death of 21 teenagers died at Enyobeni tavern has been revealed



South Africans are still mourning the death of the 21 teenagers who died at Enyobeni tavern in East London, and now the cause of their death has been revealed after the police have worked hard during the week trying to find out about what has happened that day.

Chemical poison was identified as the main cause that lead to the death of those young children during the weekend, and now the police are still trying to find out the type of this poison that has been used and why they have used this poison.

They are a lot of reaction that is going on the social media where the people of this country are expressing their views about what has happened that day, and some are blaming the tavern owners about this whole thing, which have caused a huge upset in this country and pastors have also blamed the behavior of this children.

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