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KZN Women Angers People After Posting Pictures Of Her Kicking Out A Tenant Who Couldn’t Pay Rent

Ever since the pandemic hit, people have not been doing well financially. There were some people who have recovered, however a lot of South Africans are still not financially secure and can’t afford certain necessities, such as rent.

A woman from KZN really angered people when she posted a picture of her evicted tenant’s furniture, who couldn’t afford to pay rent.

Her Twitter handle is @felebah2991. She posted the picture on her Twitter account and left this caption on the tweet, “Pay your rent on time, just evicted a tenant on was pay on the 25th.”

She evicted the tenant for missing a month’s rent. A person commented on the tweet and said that she shouldn’t have evicted the tenant because it was reported that people should not be evicted due to loss of income caused by the pandemic.

People just didn’t understand why she would post something like that on social media. Some think that it is because she wants attention or she wants to embarrass the tenant.

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