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ANC MANIFESTO| We Will Make Sure That All Municipalities Are in Good Financial Health

We are determined to strengthen measures to generate revenue and improve revenue collection, to ensure all municipalities are in good financial health ~ MYANC

You failed to do that since you chased Mbeki, you failing to pay security according to Psira we security and cleaners we vowed not to Vote you again, we are mobilizing in our pages and number of them they promise not to vote you, what we are going through is painful, you busy filling pocket of one man then you leave us struggling We want money comrades, give us money, ANC has failed us, few blacks in this ANC ship are benefitting while millions of Black South Africans are struggling, you encouraged youth to have small businesses yet you refuse to assist them with funds, you are a clueless government

ANC is a laughing stock newspaper published that the ANC chairperson has given funds to private owned football teams and rugby team in KZN, the total might be R20mil today in Power fm MEC of Education in the same province, has confirmed that there is 2000 teachers posts to be filled but there is no budget, he said there is posibility for more than 1000 teachers to be retrenched, he also confirm that no budget for temporal teachers to close the maternity leave teachers, that means if teachers are on leave no teacher will replace them the pupils will be not teached for that 4 months, but to my suprise same govt has donated 20mil in football owned by family instead of investing that amount in school, same chairperson he gave the Indunas millions of rands what for we dont know

I was passing by in a small town called Magareng in Warranton, they have No water, not even a municipality water trucks comes to assist the people. So how do you bath, use the toilet or even wash your hands. I told them to look at their suffering, shame and think carefully before ever voting for ANC again. Even a dog live better than those people, what a shame

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