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Theft robbery

Thugs descend on Lenasia Magistrate Court and carried out this robbery today

The 30th of September 2021 marked a day in which the country was shown that there is no rule of law in place.

Even at places where you least expect a robbery to be carried out, the criminals who are in this country now seem to now specialize in defying the odds. They do not seem to have a piece of respect of the location or place as they will be going straight for whatever they desire. Several reports are shared on various platforms of police stations getting robbed by thugs. In today's incident, the Lenasia Magistrates Court in Johannesburg got robbed. Many were left in shock after a news article was shared by Crime Air Network narrating how it all happened.

A gang of armed thugs is said to have walked into the court premises, and managed to get away with one light motor vehicle. The security teams which were on patrol outside the Magistrate Court could not stop this gang of robbers from doing what they enjoy doing the most. The vehicle which was stolen is a Hyundai Accent which was blue in color.

The registration number of this vehicle is said to be KFT639GP. A chassis number was also shared by Crime Air Network which is 00904 while the engine number is said to be 50838.

In this incident, it is fortunate that no one was shot or injured is the robust got away with the vehicle. A plea is being made by the owner of the vehicle to all those who might spot this vehicle to kindly contact the police as soon as possible.

When the news was delivered to the nation, some users on Twitter concluded that South Africa has now been turned into a gangster state. It remains to be known if the security in this country are doing enough to protect citizens of this country from the threat being posed by and criminals.


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