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Theft robbery

Local clinic was closed after workers were robbed by a group of criminals

It has been two months since the clinic at Philippi Browns Farm in Cape Town was closed after the workers were robbed by a group of gangs, some of whom are about 14 years old.

The staff of the clinic have always put up with the robbery. But in June they could not continue to be patient and had to close the doors of the clinic.

The youth are notorious in the area and it is suspected that they always come in groups to hijack cars.

Community member Zusakhe Manzana said the suspects are aged between 14 and 16 and it is clear that they are being used by adults to commit this crime.

"We have to do something, otherwise there will be no development and services in our area," said Manzana.

"We know the perpetrators, all we have to do is take their names to the police."

Another resident said that as long as parents protect their children who are criminals, crime will not decrease in the area.

"We have parents who protect their children. They know that children are the ones who make people afraid at Philippi Browns Farm, but they are silent," said the resident.

"It is time that we do something. Our lives cannot be controlled by these children”

The citizens of Philippi continue to suffer because of their crimes.

Since this clinic has been closed, the people of this area have never received treatment.

Meanwhile, people cannot get cars if they want to go to work because drivers do not enter the area because of carjacking. Uber and Bolt also refuse to come to the area.

Colonel Siphiwo Sithonga confirmed that the crime in this area was committed by school children. "We plan to visit them in schools to tell them about the dangers of having a criminal record that will stay with them for the rest of their lives," said Sithonga.

He went on to say that at school, young people look innocent and one would never think that they are terrorizing the public.

"We need parents and community members to work with us, we can end this if we work together," said Sithonga

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