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A guy Cause Stir in Twitter After He Said Eating Kota once a day can Save you lots of Grocery money

Date: 22/06/28


A Guy Cause Stir in Twitter After He Said Eating Kota once a day Can Save You lots of Grocery money

Lots of people who are not working are struggling when it comes to groceries because they can't afford many food.

It is not easy for them especially those who have children because children will want to eat and they don't really have enough food to last them for the whole money.

A guy came with a strategy to save grocery money for those who are staying alone. He said you can eat a Kota once a day and save lots of money. He even did calculation for them. He said Grocery = R2500 while Kota = R15 a day( R15 ×31 days = R465). Meaning Kota cost less than Grocery.

People were not happy because they are not used to eat once a day. They even asked when will he eat that Kota. Here are some of their comments.


Eating a Kota a day for the whole month is not health and it can cause you a problems. With that R465 is so much for a one person's grocery and you can eat real food without getting worried.

What do you think about this?

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