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Theft robbery

Mother Gets Drug Addicted Son Arrested After Her Home Was Cleaned Out Of Valuables

A 34 year old man who allegedly stole R35 000 worth of household items was intercepted after the mother called the police to intervene because he has grown to be very troublesome, and he was doing all this at his mother’s house.

The woman opened a criminal case against her drug addicted son, and this after she had been pushed to the edge and couldn't take it anymore. Apparently she arrived home from work and discovered that her washing machine, fridge, tv cabinet, Skyworth tv, fridge, freezer, microwave, cash and clothing completely gone from her premises.

All the investigations which were done left her to believe that it was her son who had done this horrible mischevioua deed, no forced entry into the home was discovered and that is why they had suspected that her son could lead them to the answers that they were looking for.

The suspect is a repeat offender and his mother has not helped him by taking it easy on him because this is not even the first time they have gone through this, he has been evading authorities since.

There has been previous many tests which is what the parents who have these types of children often come across, and she has allegedly grown fed up of this crisis especially after after she discovered that her home had been ransacked and emptied of all valuables & furniture.

This is unfortunately the kind of criminality that we cannot afford to have in our society because it is creating a very troubling experience for all those individuals who want to leave meaningful lives, whereby their children are also nurtured to achieve greatness.

It is very disappointing for mothers to be going through such things where they have to get their children arrested, when they start being trouble for them it is truly a very unfortunate that many families are experiencing in this country.

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