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Another Bullying Incident Has Shaken The Country.

The video footage shows an incident where a school girl was being bullied by to effect last month it is unclear what happened in the incident, but many people are calling for the arrest of the two teenage girls were simple and this one for no apparent reason.

They took out the belt and tie to wear with a belt in the appalling all sides now this girl is afraid to walk outside despite, having I'm going to schools like any other child now she is afraid to step outside and face other people.

Because of their embarrassment that she has experience working of this girl is not taking matters into her hands and doing something drastically, by Killing herself like the recent incident that has shocked the country.

Which is commendable of her she needs to deal with this in a very humanely, and logical way in order to avoid being mourned by her family members and causing them heartache.

This occurred in Bushbuckridge where her teachers & the police did not take her seriously.

Noxolo is unable to face crowds out of severe anxiety.

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Bushbuckridge Noxolo


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