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There's no honour in over using your money

Black excellence must never be defined by money wasted on overpriced alcohol, whilst there are still more black people living in extreme poverty.

The sufferings of black people as collective has nothing to do with lack of money.It has lot to do with the mentality they've adopted, and poverty of thoughts.

Rich white people came together and build a white University for the preservation of the future of their offsprings.But those deemed rich in black society gather in night clubs to splash hundreds of thousands on over-priced alcohol, dressed on overpriced Italian attires.

Black people don't hate white previlege, they hate lack of black previlege, and they keep wasting funds they should channel towards creating it.

If it ever comes a day black people stop pointing fingers, and channel their energies towards building the future they aspire for themselves and their offsprings through sweat, smart/hardwork, and consistency from generation after generation.

Someday when they create for themselves a black previlege, they'd understand that white previlege they are hating on is the true freedom.

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