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OPINION: T-shirts have bought many souls

Every two and four years, the politicians come to your house, make empty promises and disappear... 

...only to return again after four years to convince you that they will give you a "better life"... how's that going? 

My understanding is that this picture is from two or so years ago, but the reality is that this is still happening. We saw it again and will see it happening as political parties continue to campaign. 

Instead of getting things done to improve the lives of our people, they come in their fancy cars and give the poor t-shirts. Maybe even a KFC. How will this improve people's lives? There are still areas with no water or housing. Kids go to school where there are STILL pit toilets. In 2021!!! 

This isn't only inhumane, it is opportunistic and distasteful. 

People deserve better. 

I have also came to blame those who keep voting for them to power, it seems as if people are not able to differentiate between a party that gives back to the community than a party that takes, and if we should stop casting our votes based on a love of a party and start looking at the work of a party and open our eyes trust me ANC would have never been on power for this long. But they are people who are still blind, the so called the ride and die kind of supporters who have nothing and stays in the sharks but yet still continue to vote and they can even kill for the ANC.

Social media is good for information but sadly the old people who need to hear about this are not on social media, even the youth that's on social media are here to date not receive such crucial information... They're ignorant, who share jokes no information on what's going on in their country affairs.

We need to find other ways to get these informations to the old people.

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