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JubJub Mother Mama Jackie Exposed for Scamming Oprah and illegally Selling Babies:See here


After Jub Jub Interview with Mc Gee last night .A Lot of of things have been revealed about Jub Jub .First of all that he is an abuser .He physically abused Kelly Khumalo and Amanda Du Pont.

Also files on his mother have been dropped and it turns out that Jub Jub is just like his mother .His mother legendary Mama Jackie has been accused of doing scams to rob rich celebrities like Oprah and Bill Clinton .Allegedly.

There are so many people coming out on twitter talking about the abuse they experienced under Jub Jub mother Mama Jackie.Some are students who attended her school .They are claiming that Mama Jackie made them to kie in order to get donors .

She is said to have been running an illegal orphanage in Soweto where she was also selling babies in a human trafficking syndicate .Jub Jub has described her mother as a Mafia .Amanda Du Pont also said the only reason she wa scared to report Jub Jub is because of his family and that she wa scared they would hurt her .

Her mother is serving a sentence in prison right now for selling babies , running an illegal orphanage

It seems Jub Jub is not as innocent as he portrays himself to be .The worst part is that his mother never taught him to be accountable for anything in this life .Instead he goes around balming everyone for his mistakes .

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