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Road Accident

Spiking Is Getting Out Of Control By Day

The spiking of the vehicles is getting out of control by day in south african roads,the motorists are having hard time driving at night,the spikers don't necessarily dispossess one of his/her vehicle but they normally takes the valuables in the car,in some instances,the spikers are harming the motorists and the vehicles.The motorists are advised not to stop should they have their tyres flattened by the unknown objects in the quite roads,the better drive to the nearest filling stations or the police station.One guy took to social media and told his sad story about spiking incident he was involved in,the guy got spiked and decided not to stop his vehicle,the spikers pursued the vehicle and fired it with stones causing the damage to the innocent man's car.The windows of the said vehicle are literally broken to a point where the owner would need to get the new ones.Luckily,the victim hasn't sustained any injuries.This crime has been going on for some time,the road police needs to beef up the security around the quite roads and identify the hot spots where these crimes are frequently taking place at.South african motorists can't be living like this while they honestly paying for the roads.The crime must be prioritized and subjected to the operations carried out by the police.

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