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Heartbreaking: Top Alex Businessman Bra Steve Was Assassinated

A well known businessman, Steve Nkuna was shot and killed on Tuesday nighy in Cosmo City. What left a lot of people very suspicious and in shock is the fact that his killers did not take anything from him, which led to a conclusion that this was a hit. Sometimes we may believe that people do not have any means just because there will be loved by many, at the end of the day as human beings we have enemies who hate us secretly and come to pretend in our faces.

We also live among criminals who just do not want to see people successful, so this makes everything very sketchy and people are still trying to understand and find out what really happened. Police are investigating the matter In order to try and get to the bottom of it, anyone with any information that could lead to the arrest of the perpetrators is urged to come forward.

The deceased used to live at No.55, 18th avenue in Alexandra, he owns a tavern and other businesses in the area. Things happened so fast and no one could have predicted that something like this would happen to him, he obviously also did not see the need to have bodyguards or anything like that is he never obviously thought that someone could be after him.

That’s the main problem when you own a business because no matter how good you are people will always try and eliminate you, out of hate or just to take what belongs to you. This is why must South Africans believe that the government should change the laws, and make sure that they put in place something that will stop criminals from perpetrating such crimes like murder. Do you believe that it could change things and make everything better?

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