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Grandmother and her siblings strangled to death in their home

Source: Twitter

A grandmother and her siblings were strangled to death in their house, and this is something that is so frightening because one would ask them self what would people gain from killing such old people.

People have become so wicked in a way that they do not respect old people, and they do not respect other people’s families because killing a whole family because you have an agenda against them is cruelty.

Justice must be saved for those people in honour for their memories because they’ve been killed and abused in a way that the police should make sure that the perpetrators must never make it.

People who commit to such crimes do not deserve to live amongst other people. This is because the level of cruelty that they have is too dangerous for them to live with others.

We hope that the police will do the job investigating this crime and making sure that the ends of Justice are met.

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