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Prisoners escaped with heavily armed men in Nigeria and South Africans are worried sick

Heavily armed prisoners escaped in Nigeria and till this day there are nowhere to be found. Nigerians are scared, but South Africans are worried sick because the borders of this country are not in good conditions, and not to mention that a few weeks ago, more than 30 foreigners got arrested, and what is sad is that it was found that these foreigners were illegal immigrants. Now that prisoners have escaped in Nigeria, people are worried that they will come to South Africa.

According to the report, These prisoners and these men are being hunted "Security forces in Nigeria are hunting hundreds of inmates who escaped from jail in the South Western state of Oyo. The prison was stormed by heavily armed men on Friday" Reported SAFM news.South Africans are worried sick about these Nigerians escaped prisoners and those heavily armed men. Some people have already given up "They are already in SA" said a Twitter user. "I think they landed in SA, it is free for all," said another Twitter user who believes that these heavily warmed prisoners are in SA by now. "Let's pray they don't co e to our country" a Twitter user seeks help from God.

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