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Immigration policy

The city of Johannesburg is asking people to report hijacked buildings on these contacts.

The issue of buildings that have been hijacked is in the numerous of things that authorities are failing to decively and effectively deal with. The hijacked building in the inner city of johannesburg are buldings which were clean and affluent but as the liberation party and freedom of natives were granted in 94, whites who lived and owned the building moved out and left the buildings and the authorities had no strategy to use or maintain. A lot of this buldings have been hijacked by criminals and foreigners and are used as accomodation for undocumented africans immigrants who fled their countrys political or economic situstion, there are also buildings which are hijacked which are also used as brothels, were women who have been trafficked are held in, such bulding are dirty, no water and electricity.


The illegal immigrants in south Africa could be in millions and a lot of them have no were to stay but in this hijacked and abonded buldings which are not regulated, refugees who fled their countries also live in this.


The city of johannesburg have urged anyone who buldings that have been hijacked to report:


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