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The driver of this car died a painful death after a drive-by shooting occurred in Umhlanga

Two days ago there was a drive-by shooting in Umhlanga, KZN. The person who was driving a Mazda CX-5 died on the scene. There are 11 bullet holes on the car proving that the person who did this wanted to see the driver dead. The motive is unclear, but police are doing investigations to determine what might have led to this drive-by shooting.

KZN is a very dangerous province with so many gangsters on almost every street corner trying to make a living by robbing and killing innocent people. Businessmen, politicians, police officers and mayors among others always lose their lives in KZN. It is like when you are moneyed enemies always do everything in their power to kill you.

Crime pesters all the people who live in Kwa Mashu and Umhlanga. In other provinces crime does exist but KZN and Gauteng are the two most dangerous provinces in South Africa. If you want to see the life that is depicted in the movies in real life you have to visit KZN and Gauteng. You will be amazed how ruthless people are.

Some people are so cruel. Taking other people's lives gives them pleasure. The way black people hate seeing other black people progressing in life or doing better than them, they'd go to an extent of hiring hitmen to kill the people who are doing better than them.

South African people are no longer scared of committing sins, let alone fear God. They don't have mercy like they work for the prince of darkness. They spill other people's blood and still carry on living normal lives.

In South Africa crime will be eradicated the day the law allows people to take the law into their own hands. People who kill must also be killed, this is where death penalty comes in. Death penalty must be permitted in South Africa otherwise innocent people will always get killed by ruthless gangsters. The law can't keep letting gangsters do as they please!

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