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A well-known comedian tries his best to help a girl he found doing drugs off-streets.


Livhu found Jane outside Khanoni Restaurant, when Livhu entered the restaurant she was outside and Livhu spent about an hour at the restaurant. So, when Livhu cam out he saw Jane still at the same spot picking some old masks and papers, this then grabbed Livhu's attention and he went to Jane to ask what is going on. Livhu asked Jane what was she looking for and she told him that she lost her R200. 00. Livhu then asked where Jane stays and she couldn't be clear enough, that's when Livhu decided to offer Jane her lost R200. 00 so that she can give her the location where she stays and she gave him about three locations. Then Livhu decided to locate her location through his online t.v page(Captain SABC Livhu online t.v) people who knows her commented that she's from Phiphidi. Livhu continued to question Jane on what does she want and said to him that they needed blankets, old clothes and food since they sleep at the bus stop. Then Livhu decided to take Jane to Phiphidi to her stepmother and Jane was the one giving the directions. When they arrived there, they found her stepmother and told them that Jane nolonger have patents when her mother died her aunts brought her to Phiphidi and her father is now late the late. Jane started to have problems right after her father's death. Livhu then asked her stepmother to help Jane. Livhu the asked her stepmother to help Jane off the streets and quite drugs and she said she couldn't make such decisions it will be better if Livhu can talk to her Aunts who stays at Nzhelele. The Livhu took jane to her Aunts thats where he met her aunt and her uncle to help Jane, and they said they tried to help her but they failed and then Livhu asked to take over and they gave him a go-ahead. Then Livhu took Jane to Siloam Hospital where Jane spent 17 days with Livhu calling everyday to check on her. When Jane got discharged, Livhu then started a campaign on local business owners to help him on this situation and responses were amazing. Nrand insurance company offered to issue Jane with the license when is okay at the other hand the company called WAU ODA GROOPS decided to look after Jane when her rehabilitation is done and promised to also take her to school. Kaizer Chiefs defender who is well known as the Tower, The Zonzos Family, Thovhele Gole Mphaphuli, the well known Prophet Innocent Muritho and the community from Captain SABC Livhu online t.v contributed with the money to help Jane and they gave her the guidance too. So far Jane is doing so well a they are busy looking for a rehab to take Jane to. If anyone has the information about the Regan must contact the following numbers 0150230182 or Whatsapp 0767059607.

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