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Meet The Kidney Village, The Tribe Where Almost Everyone Sold Their Kidneys (Photos).

In our bodies, we have many organs, and even if these organs are many, they are all critical. We heard about people selling their organs for money, who later regretted their decision. It is acceptable to give organs to family members or those in need who have not received any monetary compensation.

 There is a village in Nepal called Hokse, and almost everyone there sells their kidneys for money. Hokse, commonly known as Kidney Village, is an Asian village known for kidney farming. Individuals living in this Village are known to sell their body organs for money, which is why the Village is often called the Kidney Village.

 After the 7.8 strong earthquake that hit the Community in 2015, most of them lost their homes and valuable assets, and as a result, most of them became more willing to exchange their kidneys for only € 160.

 Check out some photos of the Village taken after the 2015 earthquake.

 The fact that Hokse residents sold their kidneys at a low price may not have been common at the time, but they did not blame it because their village was located in the hills near Kathmandu. Because their village is surrounded by corn fields, the Hokse people are extremely poor and depend largely on corn for their food. Most of their houses, including the roofs, were built entirely of mud. It is also said that the Hokse people are frequently hit by earthquakes of the greatest magnitude, making it even more difficult for them to feed themselves and earn a living.

 In addition, it is said that most Hokse residents were deceived into selling their kidneys in 2015, after the earthquake. Most of them were promised that their kidneys or other body parts would grow within a few months, and because they needed money, they believed the claim.

 “MailOnline” ( reports that more than 42% of Hokse individuals sell their kidneys to sellers, with more than half of them being lured by sellers who lie to them. Hokse, also known as Kidney Village, is one of the smallest villages in Nepal.

Take a look at some photographs of the Village taken after the earthquake in 2015.

 People who agree to sell their kidneys will be relocated to South India, where the procedures will be implemented, according to the sources. The Hokse people are also said to have been exploited as kidney traders paid them only € 160 for their kidneys, which were later sold for more than 7000 to 10,000 dollars.

 Most people who sell their kidneys feel discouraged after spending the money, and as a result, the Nepalese government established a strict rule in 2007 banning the sale of kidneys in the country.

 Despite the fact that the sale of kidneys is already banned in the region, the village is said to have seen small incidents of illegal kidney sales.

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