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Shots Fired As SIU Arrests Zimbabwean Battery Thieves

Well done to our SIU who this morning successfully apprehended a suspect in Mbombela involved in cell phone tower battery theft, the police have been following the suspects very closely in order to monitor their activities and to apprehend them so that they can stop them from doing their reckless activities because the country is struggling and cannot take further of this vandalism of the public infrastructure and service because it is really ruining a lot of things.

Thanks to a tip-off the team managed to spot the suspect and a car chase ensued, the suspects were very eager to get away from the crime scene as they quickly sped off and they didn't want to stop for the cops - they fled the scene however they were eventually apprehended.

The suspect was soon cornered and apprehended, it seems like when police put their hands together and work alongside one another they become very successful in arresting the suspects who are involved in criminal activities and this is something that we are encouraging as a society because the crime has become too much that the people of this country are tired of suffering.

When battery thieves strike they compromise the safety and security especially the telecommunications in the area because they take a lot of goods which are crucial to the communications of the people and when this happens, emergencies get sabotaged and the people cannot communicate along with emergency services and other to save the lives of their loved ones.

Suspects have been getting away with a lot of these crimes and members of the public are always encouraged to come forward with information to provide to the law enforcers of this country in order to bring the suspects down, community members have been complaining about their inability to get the signal in their remote areas and that is because the suspects steal these batteries.

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