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OPINION| Why is This poor Man Not Given the Parole for being Medically Unfit?

The State wants to subpoena the doctor treating former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi to explain his condition. Agrizzi has been ill since October 2020, and the State also wants its own doctor to examine him ~ NEWS24

Quite rightly so, to have him examined, but do it for the right reasons and not a tit for tat reason, we all know Agrizzi has serious cardiac and obvious obesity problems, but on the other hand, never seen JZ ever display any form of ailment. Why is this poor man not being given parole for medical unfit, truly speaking God will punish SA for being so heartless. It doesnt need a degree to see that the man is severely ill on oxygen nogal

I am not a fan but maybe he should go down the Zuma route it’s confidential and unjust? Maybe when I get subpoenaed for my next traffic fine I might be sick maybe everyone who gets arrested and brought to trial should be sick or everyone in jail should be treated like Shabeer? We all know this scenario will never happen because there is one (untouchable) law, for those connected with the ANC and a completely different law for normal SAs?

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