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Theft robbery

5 teenagers aged between 17&19 were arrested today stealing a bakkie, allegedly sent by a Nigeria

10 August 2022


Sad news were reported this afternoon that 5 teenagers were arrested this afternoon trying to steal a bakkie. It was said that this kids are between the age of 17 and 19 even though their nationality is still not known. These kids were arrested in Kwazulu Natal. This is very painful indeed that even kids think stealing is a good thing.

You can actually tell that these kids learned such crimes from their elders. It is painful to see young children loosing their future just because they no longer believe in education. These children see old people staying at home with lot of qualifications.

They no longer believe that education will get them out of poverty. South African need to really talk about this matter. These kids need some lessons so that they know that crime doesn't pay. You can tell that these kids were taking chances by stealing this bakie.

They actually believed that there is a first time for everything. But they didn't know there were going to be caught this time. They didn't know that there were going to be arrested today. The police couldn't treat them like kids but like criminals who will grow up and become more dangerous.

The police arrested these 5 kids and took them to the police station. They actually need to learn that there are consequences for their actions. They will be sentenced no matter what their age is. All the criminals started while there were still young and they got lucky.

These are one of the painful news to be reported. But people on the comments they said they blame foreigners. They made children to lose hope about having a peaceful country. They all want to make fast money and buy houses. Which is not a good thing to do at their age.

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