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Bad NEWS For Those Who Are On Their Phones While In Toilets. A Total DISBELIEF.


Daily Sun have reported that people should stop going to toilets with the phones because we all know that people are doing weird things in there. That's why we need to make sure that we don't go in there with them just so we can be safe. In South Africa, you will never go months without hearing something that will leave you in a total disbelief. So many people have already seen what is really going on, and that's why they don't mind when this kind of things is addressed to them. They really need to tell us what will happen because many people are attending toilets with their phones in the hands.

Some people are saying that they are stopping them from doing their culture, and that's not perfect. It shows that some people really loves what they are going through with that lifestyle, they are warned to stop with it. That's why it is more important to judge other people who are capable of doing that when they are bored always. It has been said that those people that does that are the ones that doesn't have girlfriends because there is no way you can do that while having someone.

Some people are you will still do it even when you're having someone, but unless if you don't feel them. They are saying that this kind of things will leave you in a total disbelief because they are performed by people that we didn't think of. Some people are saying its culture, while some are not seeing it as something good. People will need to stop going to toilets with their phones because they are also taking more time in their while people are outside waiting to get in there also. There are some people that don't go to toilets without their phones because that what they are used to.

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