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People can not stop laughing after a younger police officer tried to scare them on Twitter.

People are unable to keep their laughter in check after a more youthful police officer attempted to scare them on social media. People must stop underestimating the abilities of a few employees because of their advancing age.

As everyone knows, people are celebrating "New Year" today, and a police officer became a laughing stock when he attempted to warn those who might try to break the law today.

He may be younger, but he is not one to play games when it comes to his job, so please exercise caution around him "Tomorrow (December 31st), go to bed early at 19h00 because I will speak to you at that time.

Thank you, Bheki Cele." This more youthful police officer, who doesn't play when it comes to catching the wrongdoers, wrote in his journal.

Because of his age, people found his announcement to be so amusing that they have been teasing and mocking him ever since.

An anonymous Twitter user mocked this police officer, saying, "It's high-quality now, we want to have sweet and snacks to bribe." Please remember that today is the most important day of the calendar year 2020, so please be respectful.

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