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OPINION| Why is the Zimbabwean Government not Renovating this Shopping Centre ?

From my perspective one of the major handicaps that Zimbabweans face is that the masses, have adopted the mentality that the Mugabe regime introduced - ie "adjusting" standards downwards instead of ensuring that as many as possible stick to following, and/or adopting high standards. Maybe it's a negligible example to choose but when I see anyone throwing litter out of their car window it screams to me that, our overall standards have gone out the window together with that litterIn the early '80s no-one would have dreamt of throwing their rubbish all over the place and anyone who would have, had the audacity to try throwing their empty fast food containers out of a moving vehicle would have been in serious trouble. Once it becomes acceptable to lower standards on any front then we can expect the type of never-ending downhill slide, we have experienced for decades now

We have failed to lead and transform this country. Instead of building we have destroyed, instead of starting new things we have done terrible things like growth point concept. We just need new leaders n new ways. ZANU has dismally failed n I put all the blame on them and those who believe in it!. Harare itself is a disaster, traffic is a nightmare. Let's set a restart button in 2023! RegistertoVote n whatever we do dont vote for these zanu failures! lm glad the devolution agenda has spread all over but with zanu we will be playing. Lets start with the watered down version n build on it 

I add to imagine we bury our millionaires in Harare outside custom is because despite mansions, they have in Harare they still have old thatch houses, randomly designed houses, river water for consumption, blair toilets etc etc. Obsession with that city is too much. Some have no income but find agriculture a lesser job, unless they are working for someone else in that agriculture

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