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They Stole A Car In Centurion But This Happened When They Got To Limpopo With It (read this)

Now that we can all see that criminals has successfully turned the theft and hijacks into a daily norm and now the police and other relavent individuals who should be stopping that seems to have failed us when it comes to defending us, Have you ever sat down as an individual and wondered how do the thugs manage to outsmart our cops and make the cars untraceable and get away with them every time? Will if you have I have the answers for you,

Well it turn out the reason why many cars are stolen and hijacked and never ever recovered again is that after being taken they get sent aboard to nearby neiboring countries like Zimbabwe. For example, let me quickly take you through a short story of one of those cars which were recovered in the verge of crossing the great Limpopo river for Zimbabwe, but before we can do that. Please have a look at the pics attached below.

According to my source, What happened to the 2 guys here was that they were caught driving a Toyota for tuner with an estimated worth of over R700 000 the fortuner which they were driving was not a good and legit ride it was reported to be stolen in the centurion neighborhood right in the gauteng province. So with them being caught driving it near the Limpopo river, members of the SAPS and SANDF attended them and made sure they take the car and lock them up as seen on the pics attached above.

So now seeing that this is what has been happening to all the stolen cars, A lot of people had mixed reactions about this arrest. See what some of them said when they heard about this arrest in the screenshots below.

So now with all this being said, what is it that you as an individual has to say now? Please leave your comment below

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