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"Which one is fake" Mzansi Reacts After Seeing Two Cold Drink Paid For At Foreigners Tuckshop

Foreigners in South Africa are known for owning small businesses and giving people easy access to basic needs. Instead of people having to travel to town, they can easily go to their local tuckshop to purchase what they need at a much cheaper price. Before

many foreigners came to South Africa and opened their own shops in South African communities, they were owned by locals. Then foreigners from Pakistan, Somalia, and Ethiopia came to South Africa and started competing with locals to a point where local tuckshops ended and now most South African communities have foreign nationals who own tuckshops. Locals initially felt they could buy from their tuckshops because their products were reasonably priced.

But as time went by, South Africans started showing concern as to why there are so many foreigners who own these tuckshops in South Africa, some of which are illegal, while many of them do not pay tax, so they do not play an active part in growing the economy of South Africa.

Citizens also noted that they started having their own warehouses, where they stock food and deliver it to the different tuckshops. Some of them have also been exposed for creating their own products and using well-known brands to hide them, fooling customers into thinking they're buying real products. Others, it was revealed, did not sell food good for human consumption. Some of it expired.

Another thing that has also been revealed is that they also allegedly started making their own cold drinks and selling them to customers. Many people have mentioned that the cold drinks look different and taste different from the original ones. A picture was shared, making Mzansi wonder which stoney cold drink is the real one. Both of them were bought at a foreigner's tuckshop..

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