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Meet This Baby With ‘Supernatural Powers’ To Heal Sick People Instantly -Watch Video

Meet This Baby With ‘Supernatural Powers’ To Heal Sick People Instantly -Watch Video

According to a woman, her 7-month-old baby developed supernatural healing abilities and was able to cure sick people.

Her daughter was born disabled, with no knees, according to the woman who told Afrimax TV about her experience. She only has two fingers and four toes, and she is deafeningly small.

It wasn't long before people realized that the child had been created for a specific purpose and that she had developed a supernatural ability to heal those who were in need of healing.

On how she discovered the fascinating development, she explained that she had back pain one morning and that after lifting the child, she was instantly healed.

Following the discovery that her daughter possesses supernatural abilities, those who have called her names have begun to refer to her as a special doctor because anyone who is sick and lifts her up will automatically be healed by the supernatural powers.

To learn more about her, read the following:

I had a disabled baby at the age of seven months. The fact that she was born without knees was a blessing in disguise. Two fingers and four toes are all that are necessary. During her early years, she was subjected to harassment and abuse. They dismissed her as ineffective, but God proved them wrong by bestowing supernatural powers upon her..

If you are sick, simply lift the baby up and you will be healed in seconds, which is why she is now known as a doctor in the village.

This occurred to me one morning after I woke up with a severe back ache, and after lifting her up, I immediately felt better. As a result, no one in my family has been sick since then because it is so simple: simply lift my baby.

My pregnancy was entirely normal. Until I went into labor and the doctor told me that my baby had been sealed inside the womb, I had no idea anything was wrong with him. After operation, I had a successful delivery but my baby came out disabled.

I was covering her arms with long sleeves when I was just about to give birth, but I eventually stopped. Now, I don't mind if people look at her in that manner; it doesn't bother me.

People claimed that I had brought disgrace upon my family by having a child who would be of no use. This was right after my baby was born.

The same people who mocked her now come to my baby's bedside when they are sick, and when they recover, they exclaim that my child is extraordinary. Her character distinguishes her...”



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