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Will the manipulative serial killer use money to get bail?

You can't kill and escape the law for rosemary ndlovu it is time for her to serve her jail sentence, this Is a breaking story in south Africa that never happened before of a women who is so powerful to decide to kill 6 of her close family members.

The former tembisa cop rosemary ndlovu was a maticulous and manipulative serial killer, this comes after she was hungry for money and power that made her to kill 6 of her family members, she started to act like she's crazy in court for the court member's to feel sorry for her, but that was not the case as the court for find her guilty of killing 6 of her relative's that she was the beneficiary for policies.

This is a big problem in south Africa that when you have Money you have influence, it is a concern that most of the people who are arrested even with the most serious crime they get arrested and they also get bail from the state no matter how big is ur case, this is a concern that the law sometimes does protect the right's of the criminals which then makes it difficult to arrest and do the right thing.

For rosemary ndlovu the court find her guilty and it was mentioned that she's dangerous a and she's capable of being involed in other crimes, she's indeed a serial murderer with no remorse which then resulted for her to do this serial crimes, this is a top story in south Africa, most of the time people are getting killed because of one thing which is most of the time the material benefits.

It us clear that she must be arrested for this crime, she made it difficult for the court to be able to get to the truth but with the high qualified team dealing with this case it was clear that something was definitely wrong with rosemary, this is the law looking at any evidence being presented to be able to sentence her accordingly, this Is a sign of a great job and justice must be served.


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